In The Seventh Circle Of Hell In Dante's Inferno

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Love stories always get terrible reviews for being to basic and predictable. Hell clearly shows no traces of love, which is why Dante did not get any reviews saying his is too basic. Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, which includes his idea of Hell Inferno. In the Inferno, the great poet, Virgil, guides Dante through the nine Circles of Hell. He chooses Virgil to guide him because he looks up to Virgil with great respect. Virgil starts by telling him that they must go through the pits of Hell in order to reach heaven. This becomes the main journey in the story. As they walk through Hell, Dante see people that he recognizes from Florence before his was exiled. The exile caused him a lot of grief, which lead in to the writing of Inferno. Dante…show more content…
People who use violence are located in the Seventh Circle of Hell. This circle is grouped into three parts. There are those who were violent against their neighbors, those who were violent against themselves, and those who were violent against God. The people who were violent against neighbors are forced to boil in blood. Barbeau Gardiner interprets it as, “In the top ring of the seventh circle are those who killed for gain, whether in empire-building or in robbing travelers on the highway. Appropriately enough, mass murderers such as Alexander are up to their eyebrows in boiling blood, while common robbers are only ankle deep” (Gardiner). This allegory process that the more violent a person is, the deeper the person forced into the blood. This explains why murders are almost fully concealed while muggers are almost on the surface. The people who were violent against themselves are forced to become trees or bushes. Dante uses blood as an allegory for the way a soul will feel after being violent. In this case, the soul boils with shame for what they have done in their past life, the boiling shame represents the boiling blood. Dante explains this in the thirteenth Canto, “Men we were, and now we are changed to sticks; well might your hand have been more merciful were we no more than souls of lice and ticks” (Dante). This is a punishment for those who self harmed or hurt their own possessions. The third group of people, who were violent against God, is stuck in a desert of hot sand, where it rains fire. This represents the fact that people who are violent to God are expected to burn from the bottom and the

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