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Milling machine is one of the most important machine in manufacturing. This machine is used to shape solid materials especially metals. It is mostly used in shaping flat and irregular surfaces. It can be used for drilling, cutting gears, boring and producing slots. The vertical milling machine has a vertical orientation of the spindle axis. The work piece is divided into three settings: • Front side • Left side • Right side FRONT VIEW SIDE VIEWS The left and right view are same due to same dimensions. First setting CENTRE BIT TOOL – this tool is used to guide the drill bit without slippage. A small hole is made of 3mm. DRILL – A drilling machine is used to make holes on a…show more content…
It removes metal by pushing and pulling a cutting tool called broach in a fixed path. It is mostly done on a lathe machine. A broach is a multiple-edges cutting tool that has successively higher cutting edges along the length of the tool. To create the object given, we must use internal broach. Broaching of inside surface is called internal broaching or hole broaching tools, internal broaching tools are designed to enlarge and cut various contours in holes already by drilling, punching, casting and forging. It offers a combination of a high degree of accuracy and excellent surface finish, combined with high output rate and low downtime. For the given component, we must use the push broach. Push broach is designed to be pushed through the work piece by special press or pushing broaching matching because of the tendency to bend under compressive loads, the push broach must be short and stocky, which means fewer teeth are in the broach and less material can be removed for each case. When broach is made up of one piece it is called solid broach. Internal broaches are solid type. After making hole using push broach we use the spline cutter which is attached to the chuck and rotated (broaching) to get the thread in the…show more content…
It is also called radius bending. This can be seen when a metallic sheet or tube is bent to its maximum stress limit to the point where there is no elasticity. The bending radius can reach eight times the materials thickness when the inner radius if the sheet metal exceeds the thickness of the metallic sheet. MAXIMUM ELONGATION Maximum elongation can be tested on a Universal Testing Machine or also called UTM. A material’s compression and tensile test can be tested on this machine. Do get maximum elongation the material should be tensile tested. Each material has a rupture point. The material is elongated till this point until it breaks. A stress strain curve is produced by the machine. Maximum elongation is obtained just before the rupture

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