Importance Of Intellectual Property Rights

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NEED FOR THE PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Bhargavi. M VIII Semester BA LLB, JSS Law college, Mysore. Introduction Intellectual property is an incorporeal property that cannot be physically touched or felt. Intellectual property rights are the part and parcel of an intellectual property. Intellect means the ability to think and reason which is one of the unique features possessed by man which differentiates him from other mammals. Intellectual property is the outcome when human intellect is applied to any object or subject matter that may either be beneficial or harmful to humanity and other beings for instance, nuclear weapons. The main forms of intellectual property that we come across in our ordinary day-to-day life are patents, copyrights, geographical indications, designs, trademarks etc. Each and every specie of intellectual…show more content…
For a country to achieve its goal of all round development and to ensure a better standard of living to its citizens, it has to cope with the growing needs and demands of technology. Such an improvisation in technology needs to be supported by strong laws in order to ensure a systematic utilisation of the former. First, a country has to strengthen its national laws relating to protection of intellectual property rights and subsequently it has to compete with the rest of the world. Thus, protection of intellectual property rights coupled with sustainable development aspect can help a country to have a stand in the global
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