Importance Of Academic Integrity

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According to the City University of Hong Kong, Academic integrity simply means that one is honest and responsible for his or her academic studies. It is known to be a kind of ‘code of conduct’ that members of the academic community are expected to follow. That makes it possible for academic communities to achieve their aims and goals. In this essay I would be discussing the meaning of ‘Academic Honesty’ and why it is very important to maintain it as well as giving an insight to plagiarism and annotations of it. Academic honesty or integrity is very vital, due to the fact that it allows students to establish as well as maintain certainty and assurance with professors and instructors. Positive and ethical tendencies would…show more content…
According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary, plagiarizing means to steal as well as give out someone else’s ideas and quotes as if it were your own, to use someone else’s words without giving them the credit. To simply note it down, plagiarism is an act of fraud. (, 2017). According to a report written by Michelle Navarre Cleary from DePaul University, he states that there are many reasons as to why students plagiarize. Some of the reasons include the fact that students are simply lazy. Another reason would be that students tend to panic due to their lack in organization skills and managing their time. They might also be lacking confidence. (, 2017). Students tend to unintentionally plagiarise mostly due to their fear of failing. They might also be having demanding university schedules, where they would be…show more content…
Usually they are able to notice that by the unevenness of style the student has displayed or by using phrases unusually. When students display writing that may seem very mature and sophisticated for the level of class they are in. Professors can easily detect student’s work when they use detection tools or programmes like Safe Assign or (, 2017). The reason why it is very important for students to avoid plagiarism is basically immoral and unethical. One not really learn anything if all they do is plagiarize. (, 2017) Shelley Mitchell from Oklahoma State University stated in an article that she wrote, that is everyone were to duplicate or copy someone else’s work, having an advanced society would be impossible. (, 2017). Students should always no matter what avoid plagiarizing. Students should paraphrase as well as cite their sources. Referencing is the most vital thing a student should do. Quoting and citing quotes is very important as well, it helps the student avoid the troubles that come along with plagiarizing. (,

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