Imagination In Ray Bradbury's The Pedestrian

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To be inspired, have inspiration and a lively imagination is considered important in today’s modern world. Everyone wants to be originals, to do or invent something new. The ones who truly does that, is the ones with the courage to dream and believe – the ones who are inspired. Some movies tells a story about a male artist, which have a beautiful woman as his source of inspiration. So maybe one can conclude, the greatest inspiration comes from relations to other people. The Pedestrian takes place in the year of 2053, about 100 years in the future form the year, the story is written, which means the story is a product of writer Ray Bradbury’s imagination. The main character Leonard Mead finds himself in a larger city; “… In a city of three million…” (l. 40, c.1, p. 1). The city is described very peacefully with no people nor cars on the streets. One almost get the impression, that the city is dead, due to the lack of life. It seems as the people and the city is stagnated. “… Everything went on in the tomblike houses at night now (…) The tombs, ill-lit by television light, where people sat like the dead… “ (l. 5-8, c. 1, p.2). The main character Leonard Mead is a former writer who likes to walk long walks. Leonard does not write anymore, due to fact, that no one reads magazines or books anymore; “… He hadn’t written in years. Magazines and…show more content…
This is also to be determined by the very restricted amount of characters, in this case only one, Leonard Mead. The descriptions creates an atmosphere for the reader, which often is seen in short stories to help the reader enter into the spirit of the story (due to short amount of space, the writer has). “… There was a good crystal frost in the air; it cut the nose and made the lungs blaze like a Christmas tree inside…” (l. 37-39, c. 1, p. 1). In addition, the story extend on a short amount of time, an evening, which is typical for short

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