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Disabilities affect hundreds of millions of people and families all over our world. According to the 2010 United States of America Census around 56.7 million people live with a type of disability, which increased by 2.2 million since 2005. The types of functional and activity limitations can be classified into three domains, communicative, mental or physical disability. I Am Sam is a 2001 movie drama written and directed by Jessie Nelson, starring Sean Penn as the main character Sam Dawson who is an adult with a developmental disability who recently became a single father to Lucy. Despite Sam’s developmental disability he shows the viewers how well adjusted and willingness to do better for both himself and his new daughter. Sam’s friends with different disabilities support Sam becoming a new father, along with his neighbor Annie who takes care of Lucy and shows Sam how to properly be fed, changed, bathed and helps take care of Lucy. As Lucy gets older she gets closer to her father’s social and intellectual level and that’s when Lucy is turning eight years old. Although Sam provides Lucy with a loving and caring environment, Sam has to prove to the courts and Child Welfare he can provide a suitable home with proper care. Advised by his friends Sam gets a meeting with Rita a high-powered lawyer who has a reputation for being a “cold…show more content…
Towards the end of the movie during the trial Sam is on the stage and is question what love and parenting is, unable to give “properly” he was taken down and his friends one by one joined the stand. Sam Dawson’s friends like Sam were not able to explain what the term meant. Instead they could only quote movies or saying’s to what love is suppose to be. After the friends got off the stand, some psychologists were asked the same question but ironically they could not explain both

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