Hurricanes Are Better Than Tornadoes

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Hurricanes and tornadoes are both serious natural disasters. After hearing about then, there has been a question playing on my mind for a long time. Which natural disaster is worse? After doing some research, I have concluded that while hurricanes and tornadoes are both terrible disasters, I believe that hurricanes are even more dangerous than tornadoes. Yes, they share some qualities such as damaging winds and violent precipitation, but overall the damage caused by hurricanes far outweighs the damage caused by tornadoes. Tornadoes occur all over the world depending. The only place in the world that has never weathered a tornado is Antarctica. Tornadoes in North America are caused by warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico traveling across…show more content…
The only difference there is is the location where they occur. The title “hurricane” is used for the storms that occur in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans. Hurricanes are independent storms that take days to form. This means that they do not need a parent storm to start out. They form out in the ocean where temperatures are at least 80 degrees F. Warm air rises above the clouds creating a low air pressure area beneath it. High pressure winds from surrounding areas push into the low pressure area causing that air to become humid and rise as well. As this goes on for a while, and warm air rises and cools in the atmosphere, clouds form. Surrounding winds working together with the evaporating warm waters of the ocean coerce the clouds and the moist air around them to start spinning. As this continues and more and more warm air rises forming clouds, the area of clouds and water starts circling faster and faster. Eventually, an eye forms in the middle. The eye of the storm is the place in the middle of the storm with calm winds and good weather. As the newly formed storm starts moving through the ocean, it gathers more water and hot air. Eventually, the storm winds start spinning faster than 74 mph. This is when it can truly be called a hurricane. The average hurricane is about 100 mi. around in diameter and can last days all the way up to a week. This gigantic hurricane

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