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troduction: Hurricane Hugo was a very powerful hurricane that is regarded as “the most damaging hurricane ever recorded at this time”. Hugo lasted from September 9th, 1989 to September 25, 1989, affecting Southeastern United States territories, also including Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Eastern Canada, and West Virginia. Hurricane Hugo had severe winds of 160 miles per hour, and left extensive damages along its path, in total estimated to be about 10 billion dollars worth in cost of damages. When Hurricane Hugo hit, roughly 61 people were killed and nearly left 100,000 homeless. Hugo’s influence was not as tremendous as it could have been, not due to its severity, but rather the advances human’s have made in technology as well as other factors…show more content…
Hurricane Hugo was one of the strongest hurricanes in South Carolina’s history, and was at the time the most costly hurricanes ever in the Atlantic Ocean. Although the worst of Hugo affected one of the more sparsely populated it was necessary for residents in much larger area to assess and respond to the threat. Due to Hugo over 120 homes along the southern beaches were destroyed. Oceanfront businesses and fishing piers were smashed by Hugo’s 8 to 10 foot storm surge. After the water receded, the country faced approximately 131 million dollars in damages. From a 20 foot storm tide at the coast to hurricane force wind gusts observed 200 miles inland, Hugo dealt a critical impact on South…show more content…
People’s houses were torn apart, or ripped up completely. Hugo threatened and took even more lives. After killing 41 people and destroying thousands of homes in the Caribbean, Hugo made landfall near South Carolina. Hugo’s high speed and intensity spread the storm’s devastation as far as North Carolina. In the Carolinas, another 50 people were killed and tens of thousands lost their homes. After the storm residents began cleaning up. Fallen trees and down power lines were everywhere. Due to these problems and more Hurricane Hugo had a ginormous human

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