Hunger Games Vs Panem Research Paper

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The Hunger Games vs The United States The nation of Panem the place where the 12 Districts and the Capitol lie. The citizens in the Districts struggle to live and survive while the people in the Capitol live a lavish life with no worries. The United States is a place where people come to live the “American Dream”, which is exactly what? Citizens are divided into certain classes, the lower and upper class. How much different are these worlds? The United States and Panem are alike and different in so many ways which is what I believe filmmakers wanted to highlight and show throughout the film. The type of governments are different, the states fall under democracy and power is given to our President from the people, whereas Panem falls under a dictatorship ran by President Snow where everything he say goes there is no “power to the people” in his world. Crime punishments are completely different as well. Something such as stealing can lead to either a few hours of community service or jail time. Not in Panem, there is no leniency, a petty crime like stealing will…show more content…
Hunger games is the most popular reality show and the victors turn into celebrities that people start to idolize. American idol is an example. People watch the show from the start of auditions until the final episode while someone is eliminated each show. It kind of relates to the games. There is a random pick of contestants that make it and are picked off one by one but are luckily not put to death. “May the odds be in your favor”. (Hunger Games; President Snow). No one really in the capitol can understand the feelings the people in the districts have when they are picked in a game to kill others in order to survive. “I don’t want them to change me in there. Turn me into some kind of monster I’m not” (Hunger Games;

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