How Did The Neolithic Revolution Impact Life In Afro-Eurasia

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The history of mankind from the early humans to now has been marked by periods in which innovative, and pivotal events took place. Within this logic, were created periods such as the Baroque Age, and the Late Anxiety period in which significant events helped shape the world as we now know it. But centuries before these periods was the Neolithic age in which a revolution occurred. This revolution known as the Neolithic Revolution, marks the shift from hunting and gathering to the domestication of animals and plants in an effort to increase food revenue. It is indeed a milestone in the history of men who unaware of the possible outcomes, took a chance by venturing into new techniques they were not very knowledgeable about. But to this day, the effects of the Neolithic Revolution are cause for great debate by historians and people in general who wonder what led to it, how and why it happened and how did it impact life in Afro-Eurasia and in the Americas. All questions, I will attempt to answer in this essay.…show more content…
This revolution allowed people to settle in places where they could cultivate their newfound grains or seeds and live off of those. But the Neolithic Revolution is a very ambiguous topic as well, mainly because many historians differ on when it started or what its effect on modern life is. Nonetheless, there is an undoubted general belief that this revolution made it possible for us, Homo sapiens, to continue to exist today. The Neolithic Revolution shows two things; the ability of men to adapt and the ability to domesticate otherwise wild animals and

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