How Is Napoleon Cold Blooded In Animal Farm

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In the novel Animal Farm,the animals overrule their farmer, Mr.Jones. One character that caught my eye was Napoleon.Napoleon is cold-blooded,relentless,and unrelenting. Napoleon is the dictator of the farm because after Old Major died,he stepped up to the plate to lead the farm. Napoleon is cold-blooded because “Napoleon stood up and,casting a peculiar sidelong look at Snowball,uttered a high pitched whimper,.....nine enormous dogs wearing brass studded came bounding into the farm,They dashed for Snowball(Orwell 39)”. Napoleon did this to Snowball to teach him a lesson. Snowball had plans to build a windmill for the farm’s electricity. Napoleon said the windmill was nonsense. Snowball was talking to the sheep to get them to be on his side.

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