Human Dignity In Daniel Quinn's Ishmael

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Who is considered the most powerful of our world? Do we as the society give these people their power by how we choose to let them treat us as individuals— or do we no longer have a choice, so we ignore the issues in order to avoid conflict. Human dignity indeed is insulted everyday by the power of our world. For example, many authority figures (cops, judges, etc.), and religious leaders, presidents sometimes abuse their power. They take advantage of their society because of their higher status. In the novel “Ishmael,” by Daniel Quinn, the author mentions the takers and leavers, and these groups gives us readers a greater understanding of the message Ishmael is trying to share. In the book “Blindness,” by Jose Saramago, the author demonstrates with the word “Blindness” that some are not really…show more content…
The takers are those who abuse their power and stop at nothing to keep it. The leavers are those who have rationality and live to prevent the world’s demise. Quinn also explains the birth of agriculture and how the takers abuse their power, when they try to force their way of living on to the leavers. The leavers then respond with an answer that the takers do not like. So the takers kill their competitors as a way to enforce their power. The takers see themselves as more superior, and usually the more superior tend to think and act as if they are in control of others. They also believe that they can make their own choices in life. The taker culture is destroying the world. They are the ones who live believing that the world belongs to man. However, the leavers are the opposite of the Takers— they are the ones who live in the hands of god. The takers are all about themselves and they believe no on else deserves what they have worked for. On the hand the leavers are all about each other and their society. They look after each other in order to have an on going

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