Finding Meaning In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Across time, literature has been re-noun for taking readers on journey’s; transporting them into the past and into the future, displaying the changes in societies across the years. Bronte uses the physical process of travelling as an extended metaphor throughout Jane Eyre to display the transition of the protagonist across the years, as she grows up not just in a physical way but emotionally, as she faces various individuals who distress and deceive her across the course of her life. The concept of journeying begins as Jane escapes the injustice and evil of Mrs. Reed and her children. Although through Jane’s narrative she ‘remember but little of the journey’, the reader’s see the first major change in Jane’s odyssey. As she was ‘whirled away…show more content…
However, she lacks confidence as she states she had ‘never lived amongst fine people but once’ and she ‘was very miserable with them.’ Jane’s lack of confidence and insecurities are revealed to the reader through the way she keeps her advertisements secret, revealing she is ‘haunted by a private fear.’ Furthermore, Jane makes the same reference to ‘warming numbed hands by the fire’ as she did upon her arrival at Lowood at the end of her first journey, as again Jane is on her own again, subjected to her ‘doubts and fears.’ The difference between the journey’s emotionally s the kindness of Mrs Fairfax dismisses Jane’s ‘doubts and fears’ unlike Mrs. Reed who instilled them. The way in which Bronte uses the two physical journey’s to show Jane reflecting upon her life journey so far illustrates the evolution of Jane’s character across the years since her first journey. Jane’s more positive attitude towards her placement as she states, ‘I am not bound to stay with her’, showing Jane’s growth as an individual as she refuses to be bound to the abuse that Mrs Reed and her family gave her, as she is now educated and free from the injustice she was faced with back in…show more content…
As she sees Rochester all alone and now blind and crippled, the equality which the couple previously lacked is now present. The realisation for Rochester that Jane is not a ‘possession’ and now due to her improved intellectuality and financial equality to Rochester, they are both equal and he knows that Jane could make the decision to leave again. Although Jane Eyre travelled across the country and covered many miles, her emotional journey is a more outstanding story and revelation to the reader. From Jane’s beginning growth from an abused child, faced by inequality and unjust actions, to a young adult who was bitterly betrayed by a man whom she ‘QUOTE ABOUT FRST FALLNG N LOVE’. Proving that journeying s far from just a physical process, as Jane marries the man she loves and stands in solidarity with him in equality shows her true understanding of her place in the

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