Huckleberry Finn Character Analysis

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a work of picaresque fiction, that portrays a 12 year old Huckleberry Finn. Huck was running around Missouri with his best friend Tom Sawyer in the 1830's. He grew up with a Widow and Mrs. Watson. He didn't have a traditional family, because his dad had abused him and his mom died. He was taken in by Mrs. Watson in an attempt to civilize him. He was sent to school and was taught manners. Huckleberry Finn was an independent and curious person, he wanted to be by himself and run freely. As the story progresses you can see Huck growing up before your very eyes and you see how mature he gets. Huck is coming of age and maturing at a rapid pace while being independent. Huck is a round character he had a lot of sides to him, from a little kid to a mature teenager. Huck morally can tell when something's wrong or right. He thought over what…show more content…
Holden felt as if adults are just phonies as were Huck didn’t seem to really trust adults do to his upbringing. Holden and Huck were both very realistic and they both saw right through people. My boyfriend, Bryce Firn is also very similar to Huck in a different way. Like Huck, he is very mature and grown up around adults but when around me or his friends he turns into a immature little boy. Huck developed this same traits with being mature around Jim and being so comfortable around Tom that he basically acted sheepish and foolishly. Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds reminds me a lot like Huck with his willingness for adventure and his thirst for knowledge and over all curiosity. Dr. Reid is a young doctor but with being a genius he also keeps learning and reading because he wants to know more. Huck wanted to experience the world first hand and know more. All these characters and people are very independent they all have a similar curious and playful mind set, but could also be very mature when need

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