Huck Finn Chapter 11 Quotes

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Hiding “‘It’s a dead man.” Huck and Jim take to hiding in a cave with their canoe and raft during a storm. In this chapter, the two find a dead body in the cave that appears to have been shot in the back. Jim is reluctant to let Huck look at the body portrays Jim as somewhat of a fatherly figure to Huck. While Huck has been raised to think of himself as superior to Jim, the two get along really well at the end. In addition, despite his upbringing, Huck agrees to help Jim get his freedom. Their partnership is what sets the stage for the two’s adventures. Chapter 11 Sarah Mary Williams “Oh, yes’m I did. Sarah Mary Williams. Sarah’s my first name. Some calls me Sarah, some calls me Mary.” Jim and Huck go under disguise to the mainland to see what has happened about the posed murder of Huck and to get other information. Mrs. Judith Loftus shows the reader the good versus evil in the novel. Once she discovers that Huck is wanted and a runaway she questions why. When Huck lies to her saying he had a bad farmer who treated him poorly she turns a blind eye to the fact that he is a runaway. This furthers the novel’s notion about good versus evil and justifying wrong when you feel like it is the right thing to do. This comes later into play when Huck continues to help Jim despite higher odds of being caught and the constant…show more content…
He feels he is doing the right thing by telling the ferryman about the stranded people in the water; however, Huck is bad because the robbers are in danger and end up dying because of him. He justifies his wrong-doing by trying to do a bit of right. For Huck, this is all he needs to feel good about himself and to justify his wrong. This also ties back to Miss Watson and her attempts to teach Huck good and evil in the form of religion. The reader can infer at this time that Huck will never fully grasp right and wrong, but that at least he is making an

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