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To live a life without some extent of suffering is inevitable. Pi Patel, a character in the novel Life of Pi written by Yann Martel represents suffering in its entirety. Pi, a young man, loses his family as the ship they were on sinks into the Pacific Ocean. He ponders “I am to suffer hell without any account from heaven” (122). Pi spends 227 days adrift in the ocean accompanied by Richard Parker, a tiger, wondering why he endured such hardship and when he will receive his return from “heaven”. For Pi, a very religious man the words “hell” and “heaven” are used piously, but those words can be substituted plainly with synonyms such as “suffering” and “relief”. Anyone including Pi, can have a different point of “heaven”, but such bliss is…show more content…
Sparing the details of Roxy, her daughter’s birth, the newborn was not the most manageable. As she grew into a child and progressed to a teenager Roxy’s complications grew from being a finicky eater to a complete disregard of school, or any responsibilities for a matter of fact. All in all Roxy turned to drugs around the age of fourteen. Our mother, Jeanine had spent and continues to spend endless nights without sleep. She’s spent unfathomable amounts of money, time, discipline an effort trying to save Roxy; how could she not, it’s her daughter. Eventually push came to shove and Jeanine was no longer helping her daughter, but instead enabling. All of the advice in the world cannot teach a mother how to be a bystander as their child hits rock bottom and encounters the fight of a lifetime. As for our mother, Jeanine her suffering came in the form of doing what was best for someone else, even though it meant years of torment for herself. Alas Jeanine has received a form of bliss, the relief of knowing her daughter is just past 90 days clean of an addiction, knowing her daughter lived to see another birthday. Although it can be argued that Jeanine has not completely reached a sense of relief, for her being able to sleep soundly at night without such heavy worry is more than enough relief from years of

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