Hrm/531 Week 8

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Summary Wednesday 9th September I started working with the Fire Department on the 9th of September. I had presentation during the first day at the downtown station. The employees start working at 7:00 am. There are three different shifts A, B, C. There are two stations: one in Menomonie downtown and the other on the south side. Each shift, there are five employees working in downtown station, and three employees in the south side. The person who provided the orientation called Rndy Wood. Randy is inspector, he explained the duties of each employee, and also clarifies the uses of the equipment. Also, he illustrated the map that the station covers. One of the major duties during September and October is doing inspections to businesses in Menomonie…show more content…
I met Jake, and Tim. Tim is Jack’s assistant. Tim provided a tour and introduced me to employees. Also, he showed me different types of alarm systems, and hygiene stuff inside the station as well as storage. Then, Jake suggested meeting one of the employees who is an expert of using devices to detect hydrogen sulphide and toxic gases in the air. I met the employee, and he taught me how to use these devices. After that, Time took me to his office and discussed certain issue that the fire department need to improve. Tim said we have a problem for our communications system, and we want you to help us to improve our communication. Basically, they want me to improve their communication systems. For example, in case of fire, the firefighters might be inside a building or an apartment. They can’t communicate with themselves very well because they are wearing PPE. It is one of their major concerns. If this problem can be solved, it will create a huge impact on public, fire department, police department and businesses. Decrease the potential of fatalities, crashes, and save lives, property. By the end, Tim suggested me to meet John. John is a safety guy at the fire department. Tim scheduled a day to meet John which is on the 15th September because John will do inspections on that day to couple businesses in

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