Hrm 531 Week 3 Data Analysis Paper

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There are various approaches to represent data that is mined from social media. One is to store the data in a flat file. Such methods are used to store a simple list. We could use the above example of a simple list of people whose information is collected for a specific purpose, a flat file like a csv or text file would suffice to store the data. Another approach is to present the results that are obtained from mining the data in the databases. These results may be in the form of clusters or they could specify correlations between the data in the databases. For example, there may be a correlation between house prices and apartment buildings, such as the neighborhoods which have high priced houses and do not have any apartment buildings. Therefore,…show more content…
In section 1 we gave an example of how data visualization can be used with data mining. As stated earlier, a user may pose a query to retrieve locations of houses which are priced over 500K in Bedford, Massachusetts. Instead of displaying the results in tabular form, a visualization tool could display in a map with points representing the houses which are priced over 500K. This example more or less visualizes the results rather than steering the data mining. Another better example, which uses visualization techniques to steer the mining process, would be to use a multidimensional visualization technique to select attributes (dimensions) that appear "unusual," then mine for sequences among certain dimensions. Example: Looking at some sort of 3- dimensional, multicolor graph showing home prices, interest rate on individual homes, and time on market, sale dates, average mortgage interest rates, and connections of homebuyers might show some unusual peaks tied to interest rate and connections. Mining these items might show that certain homeowners who are not well-connected pay higher interest rates, possible evidence of certain practices in

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