Ansel Adams Impact On Society

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“Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that employs images in order to tell a news story, to document our ever changing world.” Over the past twenty years photojournalism has had a huge impact on the way we view the world today. Creating awareness and change, photojournalism has helped people become conscious of the transformation and destruction of the earth, in landscapes, structures, people and society. Many photographers use their work to inspire us to help others and/or change the way we think and feel towards a certain subject. For example, photographers over the years have used their images to show the unknown effects of pollution…show more content…
He is a photojournalist and passionate environmentalist, who uses his images to create a change in the way we treat and view the nature around us. Adams work focused strongly around the impact of tourism on National Parks and areas of beauty around the world, however his most famous pieces were from his collection of Yosemite Falls National Park. He used these images to reflect on the difference mankind has had on the beautiful area, and his persistent advocacy helped expand the National Park system, protecting these parts of the world from further…show more content…
He claimed ‘the natural landscape is not a fixed and solid sculpture, but an insubstantial image, as transient as the light that continually redefines it.’ He was very passionate about nature, and the preservation of our environment, he uses this as a theme throughout most of his work. There are many traditional photojournalists, who use their work to highlight the effect and impact on old structures, landscapes and nature. They capture the effects mankind has had, through lost beauty, or the crumbled ruins. However, there are few photographers who focus on urban areas of the world. Andreas Gursky is part of the small collection of urban photojournalists. He is well known for the digital manipulation of his images, often capturing pretty plain, basic images, with the intention of duplicating, layering and repeating sections, to create a pattern or

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