How To Make An Ethical Decision Essay

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Urja Soni CS 377 Taking any decision in life is very important job that we take. When it comes to making an ethical decision, I have to consider so many scenarios, what would the outcome be, and how would it affect me or people around me. I will be talking about the important factors that I take in consideration when I make an ethical decision. Coming from a different country, I have to think about the beliefs that I have been following throughout my life. I have an Indian background, and there are certain things that people consider okay to do in the United States, are prohibited in India. Even though I am not in India anymore, my parents are little strict in a way. As they have Indian mentality, they care about what other people will think when we do something. They want me to make decision thinking about our morals and values, which for people seems weird here. For example, when it comes to choosing a major or the kind of job I do, I can’t just do what I like. Indian parents tend to have wish for their children to be a doctor or an engineer or something of that sort. I like to do other things but thinking about those values and everything I have grew up on, I take those…show more content…
In a way they made me sad and weak for that time when I lost faith in my ability to take the right decision. However, at the end I decided to learn from the wrong or right decisions I took. I learned not to blame any of my doings on anyone else. I realized that even when I take an advice for someone regarding to any of the decisions I make, at the end it was my call to choose what path to select. If that didn’t work out, I can’t be mad at that person or can’t blame them. I used to do that a lot, but learning from my mistakes now I have learned to own up to things I do. I will not say that I became perfect person, but I became better person than I was before. Time has taught me a lot of

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