Comparing Story 'Grier And Faulk Families In A Christmas Memory'

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Faulk And Grier Family Comparative Essay Families have relationships that either make them closer or tear them apart. There is build up of different emotions that lead to either a positive or negative outcome. The Grier and Faulk families are remarkably similar. It is evident in their appreciation for each other, effective communication, and coping skills. In the two stories both the Grier and Faulk families show effective communication. In “A Christmas Memory, ”Buddy and Sook share a dream about winning the coffee-naming contest. They also imagine their fruitcake being served at the white house. These show that they both shared ideas making them valid in each other’s eyes. In “Two Soldiers,” Pete and his brother discuss radio programs and rare bird eggs. In both stories the people involved could effectively communicate their ideas and get a good response. They might have had different interests in each story, but it did not cause any arguments.…show more content…
In “A Christmas Memory,” Sook appreciated buddy because he was helpful with making the fruitcakes and was someone she could relate too. Buddy appreciated Sook because she was a great friend and he could relate to her. Buddy also appreciates what he had when he was separated from her in military school. In “Two Soldiers,” Pete’s brother is deeply saddened by Pete departing. He wishes he could of stayed in goes above and beyond to find Pete. Pete also appreciates his brother, but he knows he can’t come with him. After Pete’s brother leaves he is amazed by how much his brother cares for him. In both stories the characters express great love for one another. They realize it more however when they are separated. The role of separation is similar in both

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