How Significant Was The Reichstag In Hitler's Rise To Power

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How Significant was the Reichstag in Hitler’s rise to power? Lanasha S. Gray Period: 5 Date:4/9/15 Introduction: The Reichstag fire was important in Hitler rise to power because it gave him power to eliminate other parties with night of the long knives & political parties banned. Then the Reichstag gave Hitler the power to use the enabling act and it helped him to make his own laws and made him dictator. Another thing that the Reichstag fires help Hitler to use to come to power is Article 48 and this gave him power to use emergency measures, and helped him take power. The Night of the Long Knives was significant in the rise of the Hitler being dictatorship and Hitler coming power. This night of brutal murder and elimination of the SA gave…show more content…
These laws could even deviate from the Weimar Constitution. Although the Reichstag had to be informed of any changes in the law, it could not vote against them, hereby eliminating any political opposition to Hitler’s plans. In theory, laws passed by Hitler under the Enabling Act still required presidential approval, but Hindenburg was very old and stated that he would be withdrawing from the day to day affairs of government due to his worst state of health. As a result, presidential worked together on the laws decreed under the Enabling Act never happened and Hitler was free to pass any law he wanted, giving him a lot of personal power as well as power of the government, which was important to him because he intended to become the sole ruler of Germany. In addition to this, the Enabling Act was important to Hitler because it gave the Nazis certainty. The Enabling Act guaranteed that any law would be passed with nothing more than Hitler’s signature. This also meant that the Nazis could pass laws very quickly, which would prove very beneficial in a time of crisis, when swift action could prevent the collapse of law and order. This was important to Hitler because it made the Nazis look very decisive and in control, after granting them greater popularity among the

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