How Is Macbeth Related To Roll Away Your Stone

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Thesis - Particularly the song “Roll Away Your Stone” sang by Mumford & Sons, is nearly a direct quote from Macbeth, both sharing the theme of control, greed, and dark ambition, unwilling going down a malicious path. • The song suggests, that there is emotional abuse as a result of being vulnerable. • In the beginning, the singer isn’t even capable of what he’ll find in himself. • The song also has a religious reference, the stone, which leads to a cave that revealing their inner darkness, which he’d feel ashamed of, just similar Macbeth. Borrowing from Shakespeare The famous British rock band, Mumford & Sons, having a strong literary influence gave them a popular reputation amongst the Shakespearean community since the album, Sigh No More,…show more content…
The ceiling of the cave was their sky, the atmosphere has always been this obscure color, and the fire that sat behind them, hidden on the other side of a wall that separated them, preventing them from ever seeing it, was the only light, that only created the dim shadows that sat in front of them, and warmth they’ve ever felt. So when one of them have been released, he discovered an unabridged new world, everything was abstracted to him. He couldn’t accept as true that the sky was such a vivid color. He was in awe because he hasn’t seen such an absurd color before, even more so when the sky transitioned to another hue. But no one would agree or listen to him or the others, who never even been outside the cave would think, he just went crazy. For that reason, he went back to the cave, not changing, questioning or ever learning what the higher truth was. Causing all of them to remain in ignorance within the cave. So, going back to Mumford & Sons, whatever may be in the singer’s head, can take over and they wouldn’t even be able to restrict themselves because there is no one to fall back on or to help overcome the dark desires. While in the song, the singer seems to have overcome the darkness, grasping the reality of his circumstances, from “and yet it dominates

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