How Has 9/11 Affected America

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In the nineteenth century, America’s Founding Fathers worked together to shape a wonderful country. As time passed, America prospered into a powerful country as those men wished. The country is to a point where the military is not as strong as it once was before, and the economy has faced several problems in the years. In the future, a stronger military and economic improvements would only have a positive effect on America. Over the years, America obtained the reputation of having one of the strongest military in the world. A country’s military represents the unity of that country, and if the military is weakening other countries could take advantage of this. As threatening terrorist groups continue to strike against American citizens and even citizens for other countries, the question of is our military capable of stopping this madness crosses the mind of many people. Tragic events such as 9/11 impacted America and still does to this day. Since that unforgettable day the military has become stronger with taking precautions on different situations,…show more content…
The number of soldiers is slowly decreasing, and with the uprising of terrorist groups America can not afford to have a small military. In the future, America needs to increase military power as much as possible. With a strong military countries will continue to describe America has the strongest country in the world. In future elections, the only candidates for president should be veterans. The President and commander in chief who is veteran would improve the country. Veterans already know the best ways to protect and keep citizens safe; their knowledge obtained in the military could influence how they would run the

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