How Does Tourism Affect West Lulworth

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In this investigation the question “Has tourism had both a positive and negative environmental impact on West Lulworth?” will be answered in 4 different sub questions: • How and why has tourism had an environmental impact on West Lulworth? • Have the environmental impacted been broadly more positive or negative? • Are there other impacts (such as economic or social) which have had a greater effect on West Lulworth? • How are the impacts of tourism being managed at West Lulworth and how effective are the different management strategies at reducing the negative environmental impacts? West Lulworth is located in the South West of England (Fig.1) in the county of Dorset (Fig. 2). It is located along the Jurassic coast. The Jurassic coast is a…show more content…
Some of these reasons are because of: the stunning coastal scenery, the rare wildlife, the geology of the area, ancient monuments, good footpaths and stewardship access. Mainly tourists are attracted to the area because it is home to many geographical gems. The area of Lulworth cove and Durdle Door is especially popular as it is perceived as a jewel of the World Heritage Coastline. There are three main locations within this area where there is a large amount of tourists evident. These locations are: Lulworth Cove (Fig.4), Stair Hole (Fig.5) and Durdle Door…show more content…
Richard W. Butler's in 1980. It outlined how tourist resorts, grow and develop. The tourist industry is constantly changing. Therefore, the Butler Model is a way of studying tourist resorts and observing how they change over time and in relation to the changing demands of the tourist industry. From looking at the Butler’s Model (Fig.9) we can see that West Lulworth is currently positioned at stage 4 of the Butler’s Model; Consolidation. Although West Lulworth is not considered a resort, this model helps to illustrate how tourism leads to positive and or negative impacts on the area. At the consolidation stage the growth of tourism is slowed down compared to the development stage. However even though the amount of tourists has reduced the number of tourists exceed the local population. This is evident in Lulworth where there is 714 locals and approximately 750,000 tourists visit annually. Due to the fact that there is a high range between the residents and the tourists there may be tension developing between the host and tourists. As well as this at the consolidation stage the area’s economy is mainly dependant on tourism and the money visitors bring into the area. The area may also become more commercialised at this stage in order to advertise the

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