How Does Myrtle Change In The Great Gatsby

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Myrtle has a loving husband, but the desire for a luxurious life is what persuades her into having an affair with Tom. When Myrtle first got married to George, she thought that they were going to live a happy life together, but her view of him changed when she found out that he had borrowed his suit for their wedding day and she says,“The only crazy i was was when i married him. I knew right away I made a mistake. He borrowed somebody’s best suit without even telling me about it.”(Fitzgerald 35).When Myrtle refers to herself as “crazy” it shows how disturbed she is with the idea that she had married a man who couldn’t even afford his own suit for their special day and had to borrow someone else's “best suit.”This word also masquerades the idea that she is trying to convince herself and society that she married into the wrong class and is a part of the world that Tom buchanan comes from.The word “mistake” clearly expresses just how materialistic she is and how she thinks it's a valid reason for her to have self pity from other people because she isn’t living the life that she desires.The phrase “borrowed...never told me,” signifies the fact that she doesn’t care about Wilson's attempt to make her happy, but moreover looked at it as a viewpoint of how cheap he was.…show more content…
It also disguises the idea that if she had known that he had acquired a suit from someone else then she wouldn’t have married him in the first place and would’ve went with someone she “deserved” like

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