How Does Jon Hassler Make Good Decisions

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Everyone Has A Choice Everyone has their own opinion for what they think is right and wrong. In the 1970’s the people of staggerford knew what was ethical. But some don’t always make the best decision, maybe it is that they have a different perception on what is ethical or moral from their standpoint, ultimately making the decision they are okay with because it will have a favorable outcome. People know that drawing a blade on someone is wrong. Most know that having feelings for a teacher is wrong. Maybe it’s the lack of education, for which people do these things. Jon Hassler shows us how authority, morals and education play a role in decision making for the characters in his first novel, Staggerford. Jon Hassler takes us through a few bad decisions made by Beverly…show more content…
Wayne Workman never would have seen Beverly brush up against Miles in the hallway. Miles would have never been confronted by Wayne about his relationship with Beverly. Without Beverly’s poor morals, half of the book’s structure wouldn’t exist. Beverly wouldn’t have been a main character in the book Staggerford. Hank Bird thinks he holds total authority over Annie Bird. Little Hank Bird pulled a knife on Jeff Nordquist in study hall, “You better lay off my sister,” (Hassler Page 190). Hank Bird is ready to fight Jeff for dating his sister. Hank believes he holds authority over Annie and Jeff because he is Annie’s brother. At what point did he take his decision to far to protect his sister who didn’t even need to be protected? Hank let his authority get to his head and thought he could intimidate Jeff. But Jeff had the exact opposite reaction to having a knife pointed at him. If Hank would have used his education and really thought about he would have came up with a different solution for his problem and been able to resolve it in an orderly manner. His lack of

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