How Did William Leggett Affect The Society

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William Leggett was a masterful thinker and far well beyond his colleagues. His writings and thoughts were not only accurate for society during his time but also hold true to modern day economics. Leggett’s main appeal towards corporations was that once governmentalized, they became abruptly a part of an economic infrastructure that was not in favor of the people, but designed instead to allow the government to discredit the individual and create a class system that required more government intervention to be regulated. Leggett proposed that once a private entity became a public corporation, powers became abused and not all people were equal concerning their individual or property rights, thus giving special attention and authority to industries that discriminated against members of society in lower classes. Less Government…show more content…
While many people were in favor of corporations having free market access, Leggett felt that less government intervention would be best in society so that smaller businesses could have the opportunity to compete with large corporations without the fear of being railroaded by the cloud of power the corporations held in the market. This laissez-faire of corporations would ensure the equal treatment of both parties and all classes would be on the same level concerning aggression from the government. The more the government intervened, the less a business owner had to say about his own company, so to speak. Leggett stood his ground when he asserted that the government is only to protect individuals, making sure everyone abhorred to the same rules and standards. When the government becomes too involved, Leggett claims that powers have the tendency to be abused, as certain groups become privileged and powerful, therefore voiding the equal rights doctrine of

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