How Did Tycho Brahe Contribute To Science

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Tycho Brahe Tycho Brahe was a Danish Astronomer, Astrologer, and Alchemist. His discoveries were more based on accurate astrological and planetary observations. He also devised instruments to look at space which was the most accurate of its time before the telescope was made. His discoveries about planetary motion, especially Mars, would later be interpreted by Kepler, however when he was alive he jealously guarded information. His main contribution to Astronomy was done through measurements and data. Brahe was a scholar which studied at University of Copenhagen in which he became interested in Astronomy then moved to University of Rostock. He built many instruments for the observation of space because to study astronomy he needed the most accurate…show more content…
Brahe’s observation about Mars with his instruments would later be necessary for the model of the solar system. As he found no displacement of the stars he concluded 2 things. These conclusions were that the earth was the center of the universe or that the stars were so far away that the displacement was unnoticeable. He later decided that the earth was the center of Universe instead of the latter option. He then proposed a model of the Solar system with the Earth as the center which was wrong but was considered accurate for a time. Other discoveries that he had made were Comets, and Supernovas. He thought that a supernova was a new start but instead was an exploding star. His observations showed that the comets and supernovas, along with other stars were further away from the moon. This discovery showed that Aristotle’s theory of the immutable heavens was wrong. In that period of time, it was believed that planets were carried by material spheres, however with Tycho’s discovery of the comets and seeing that the comets passed by the spheres of planets, it was concluded that planets were not carried by material

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