How Did The Liberal Party To Advance The Cause Of Parliamentary Reform

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The Conservative Party did more than the Liberal Party to advance the cause of parliamentary reform in the period 1851 to 1885. Explain why you agree or disagree with this view. This period was rich with reforms that were improving the parliamentary system in Britain. There were reforms put in place by both the Conservatives and the Liberals that greatly impacted on the system and changed politics forever. The argument that the Conservatives did more than the Liberals greatly stems from the fact the Conservatives passed the 1867 reform act, which is arguably the most important act of the time, enfranchising 1.2 million more people, raising the electorate to 2.5 million men. However, I would argue that without the Liberals passing the Secret Ballot Act in 1872, the electorate wouldn’t really have been raised and therefore the act will not have been as influential and important as it is…show more content…
The 1867 Reform Act was an important turning point in British political history. Passed by Disraeli and a reluctant Derby during a minority Conservative government, it was more radical than the similar bill Gladstone had attempted to pass the previous year. This bill had to be constantly amended in order for Disraeli to be able to pass it through the House of Commons due to his minority position, and with each amendment it became more and more radical until it was finally passed. Derby helped it get passed in the Lords. It gave the vote to all male householders in English and Welsh boroughs, giving 2.5 million people the vote, as well as redistributing 45 seats. This was a radical change. However, I would argue that this change would not have happened if it wasn’t for the Liberals’, namely Gladstone’s attempt at passing a similar bill in 1866 which would have enfranchised 400000 more men. However they were opposed by the Conservatives and a minority of their own

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