How Did The Korean War Contribute To Canada

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The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 and called twenty-one United Nations countries to arms, including Canada. Military action has always been a last resort for Canadians, but the Korean War allowed Canada to demonstrate that it will go to great lengths to keep world peace and support its allies. Canada's contributions in the Korean War included: the recruitment of the Canadian Army Special Forces, the arrival of the twenty-fifth Brigade; and the Battle of Kapyong. The Korean War would test how much Canada was willing to put into this war. As the Korean war worsened, Canadians had to decide how much they were willing to devote to this war. On August 17, 1950, the government authorized the recruitment of the Canadian Army Special Forces and would be used to fulfill the requirements of Canada under the United Nations Charted or the North Atlantic Pact. They were raised and trained as part of the regular army and consisted of many World War 2 veterans.…show more content…
Perhaps one of the greatest achievements for Canadian troops was their efforts in the Battle Of Kapyong. In April 1951, the Chinese and North Korean forces regrouped and attacked, driving the South Koreans to retreat. The Canadians and Australians were called up to cover this retreat. The Australians came under attack and were also forced to retreat, leaving Canadians open. On April 24, four hundred Canadians defended against five thousand Chinese troops. The Canadians also called in an artillery strike on themselves, to drive the enemy back. It worked but another fire fight still occurred on April 25. They soon set up a supply line and drove the enemy off. These holding actions by the Canadians and Australians, helped to stop the communists and move forward into negotiations. Canadian actions in this war helped to bring the fighting to a halt and to begin the

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