How Did The American Conquest Affect Britain's Future?

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The year of 1066 is remembered in British history as the year of the Norman Conquest. Although this conquest almost quite literally took an entire year, the conquest as a whole was ultimately decided successful on one particular day: October 14, 1066. As anyone may can recall, perhaps from off the top of their heads, this is the date of The Battle of Hastings. The outcome of the Battle of Hastings, which was based on factors in both the time of the battle and within the armies of William the Conqueror and Harold Godwinson, was significant for one reason: it establish William the Conqueror as king, which ultimately led to long-term ramifications and effects in Britain's future. The final outcome of The Battle of Hastings decided England's new king: William the Conqueror. William won the battle by not only possessing a skilled and well organized army, but by basically being in the right place at the right time throughout his conquest. At the time of William's life and reign, knights and their traditions were popular and…show more content…
William fought and won in the Battle of Hastings, which quite literally destroyed Harold, earning his reign. Although the English were not too happy with a foreign conqueror as their king, William was able to use his strong hand and military mind to bend and break the British to his will. William changed many things in his reign that had long term ramifications and effects. First he took much land under his rule, he sent a portion to the church, acquired some for himself, and gave many to loyal Normans. This was similar to what the Romans did when they conquered Britain as well, and it was meant for basically the same purpose: to reward the people who were loyal, while further colonizing the land under the ruler. This strategy was established to make the people under William's rule relatively peaceful, or surrounded them by people loyal to the

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