How Did Japan Influence The Westernization Of Japan?

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A major change occurred in feudal Japan once the ‘Treaty of Kanagawa’ was signed and forced upon by Matthew Perry onto the Japanese government. This treaty ensured that trading ports of Japan such as Shimoda and Hakodate were open, due to the Japanese being very wealthy. Whaling itself was a multi-billion worth of trade. The signing of the treaty on March 31st 1854 marked the ending of the Tokugawa period and beginning of the Meiji period, thus, the modernisation and westernisation of Japan. In the late nineteenth century, Japan signed the trade agreements and became westernised. According to source 7.31, it is clearly obvious that the source is conveying peace between both countries, the end of the shogunate rule and most importantly, the signing of the treaty between Commodore Matthew Perry and the Japanese government. The Tokugawa period had forged a strong sense of national unity and a vibrant economic and technical culture, the Japanese government intended that their joining of the modern world and westernisation would be on their terms. This…show more content…
Traditional clothing wasn’t completely abandoned. From Kimono’s to fancy, frilly gowns—from Haori’s to long, thick coats & military clothing. More importantly, Western architecture was also embraced. Majority of the new buildings in Japan such as; schools, banks, offices, train stations and many more were constructed with a Western-styled edge. Homes remained traditional during most of the Meiji restoration until the end of World War II. Numerous of these buildings still exist to this day, it shows the public society an interesting blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship combined with a Western-styled edge. Two extravagant cities were built during this modernisation period, Sapporo and Yokohama. These cities are completely filled with great examples of western architecture from the 19th century early on to the 20th

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