How Did Francisco Madero Change Mexico

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In 1876, Porfirio Diaz was elected president of Mexico and ran Mexico for more years than any other president. Diaz served president for 30 years in which his accomplishments were known as the Porfiriato. He brought peace and economic stability in which he felt that the key to modernizing the country was to bring pacify it so foreigners would be interested to invest in it. By the end of the 19th century, Mexico was modernized in which it now owned mines, plantations and railroads that broguht great wealth to the nation. Mexico at this time consisted of so many poor people which were unhappy. Francisco Madero had announced his opposition against Diaz in 1903. Madero came from a wealthy family and his goals included in helping the poor as well. He followed under…show more content…
The Constitution was considered to be the central document of modern Mexican history. The 1824 Constitution had created a balance of power among executive, judicial, and legislative branch; the 1836 Constitution had created the idea of centralism and a strong executive; the constitution of 1857 had returned back to the federalist .Mexico had created a new constitution which had been significant during the Revolution and brought more changes to Mexico. It created the ideals of a federal system, separation of powers, and no reelection. “The Constitution should be viewed as a blueprint for reform that grew out of specific grievances expressed in the Mexican Revolution.” (Coerver, 122) Some of the most important sections of the 1917 Constitution in which along the Revolutionary struggles for land reform, worker rights, and economic sovereignty could be found in Article 3, Article 27, and Article 123. (Coerver 122) Article 3 was concerned with education and how government was to set up the educational systems in Mexico not the Catholic Church. Article 27 demanded that all ownership of land and waters should be owned by Mexicans. It authorized for large estates to be confiscated and divided into small

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