How Did Emily Dickinson's Life Influence Her Poetry

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Emily Argenti Period: 1 Lohr 2nd Draft Though american literature many writers have influenced all people of different lifestyles though relative themes written in their works. Emily dickinson, an american poet wrote in influence of her early life themes which translated to impact those who read her poems. In all of Emily Dickinson's writing she is able to influence everyone with the themes she wrote about in her poems. Between her early life, the works she wrote, and the criticism and influence all were components to Emily’s life and influence to others through her distinct themes. Emily Dickinson's early life was much of what shaped her poems in the the events though her life and the root of the themes she wrote about. She was born in Massachusetts in 1830 and lived there all her life.…show more content…
As she got older in her teens she began to start writing her poems many of her themes related to the idea of death as a result of this common theme as a child. During this time Dickinson became very confined staying in the house all of the time and rarely leave her room. She would usually converse with guests through a closed door and didn’t even leave her room for her father's memorial although it was only downstairs. Much of her life really revolved around her writing of poems because she was so confined and alone. Most of the way she communicated was through her letters and poems. She loved nature and also wrote a good portion about that as well. Sometimes she would send flowers with a poem to friends and family but the poems were

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