How Did Christianity Contribute To The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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When the Roman Empire was first exposed to Christianity, currently the most practiced religion in the world, the Romans hated it. During the first centuries of AD, Christians faced numerous attacks and persecutions by the Roman government. It was difficult for the Christians to spread their religion through the empire but once they did, they were never again discriminated. Christians were also never again persecuted or killed because of their beliefs. The message Christianity appealed to many of the Roman citizens and it was able to eventually become the empires official religion after years of persecution. Originally, the Romans viewed Christianity as a threat because they were afraid that Christians were conspiring against them. Such beliefs caused the persecutions and killing of Christians. Romans disliked the religion at first because it was fairly new and they felt it was being forced through the empire. As the religion spread throughout the empire, Pagans were suspicious of their refusal to sacrifice to Roman gods. The pagans believed this was an insult to…show more content…
Jesus was a Jew in the Roman Empire, who taught the need for people to seek forgiveness for their sins in preparation for the coming of Gods Judgment day. Although Jesus was crucified during the first century AD, his teachings continued to spread throughout the empire with the help of the energetic apostle, Paul. The Christian message of love and eternal life appealed to many Romans. This religion offered salvation and spiritual comfort, as well as new career paths and even riches as a bishop. Christianity appealed to women during this time because they were given a status in the church that they could not usually enjoy in ancient times. Women could serve as deaconesses and, in many regards, were treated equally to men. Christianity was popular among women, and was spread to future generations since women did most of the raising of

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