How Did Charles II Affect The Economy

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Title Monarchs always have an impact. Whether it is positive or negative depends on how the monarch ruled and governed during their reign. King Charles II of England ruled for nearly 25 years and during that time, he changed many of England’s previous laws and led the restoration of the monarchy. Charles II also ruled in other territories, such as Scotland and Ireland. Those reigns were however, less important to his reign and impact that he had on England. He was not a perfect monarch though. Although King Charles II was notorious for having his disputes with parliament and was often blamed for England’s disasters, he still had a positive impact on the nation. King Charles II of England was born as Charles Stuart on May 29, 1960 in St.…show more content…
He had some problems, like every monarch had when they ruled a country. Charles II’s most notable problem was his disputes that he had with parliament, specifically the Cavalier Parliament. The conflict began when Charles proposed the Declaration of Indulgence in 1672. This was a document would give religious freedoms to Catholics and other religious groups in England. The signing of this document would lead to Charles supporting France and that would lead to the third Anglo-Dutch war. However, in 1673, Parliament was agains the Declaration of Indulgence on the grounds that the king had no right To suspend laws that “In the face of an Anglican Parliament's opposition, Charles was eventually forced to withdraw the Declaration in 1673. ” (The Royal Household, Charles II (r.1660 -1685))he was also forced to publicly declare some of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Otherproblems that Charles II faced were taking the blame for some of the natural disasters that occurred in England. When the bubonic plague, or the Great Plague come to England, it was killing a large amount of people at a fast rate. The highest that it got to was 7,000 deaths per week. It was brought to England from Dutch ships ad was carried through rats and fleas. Charles was blamed for the outbreak and the English people saw him as an unfit ruler. It also did not help when he and the royal family fled from London to Oxford to escape the plague. The other event that Charles had to go through was known as the Great Fire of London. This was one of Charles high notes, as he was remembered for joining the fire fighters and helped them fight against the

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