Honorable Conditions Discharge Analysis

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The applicant requests an upgrade of his under other than honorable conditions discharge to general, under honorable conditions. The applicant states, in effect, an upgrade of the characterization of his discharge will open up better job opportunities and access to his educational benefits. The applicant states, in effect, an under other than honorable conditions discharge is obstructing his everyday life. The applicant requests the following narrative corrections to his DD Form 214 dated 19 February 2013, block 7a, Place of Entry into Active Duty change to read Clayton, Alabama, block 13, Decorations, Medals, Badges, Citations, and Campaign Ribbons Awarded or Authorized change to read Iraq Campaign Medal with four campaign stars (5th Award),…show more content…
G, his former basketball coach; Mrs. Dent, the applicant sister; and, Ms. C., his former middle school teacher. Army Regulation 635-200 sets forth the basic authority for the separation of enlisted personnel. Chapter 10 provides, in pertinent part, that a member who has committed an offense or offenses for which the authorized punishment includes a punitive discharge may submit a request for a discharge for the good of the Service in lieu of trial by court-martial. The request may be submitted at any time after charges have been preferred and must include the individual’s admission of guilt. Army policy states that although an honorable or general, under honorable conditions discharge is authorized, a discharge under other than honorable conditions is normally considered…show more content…
The applicant contends that an upgrade of his discharge would allow him to have better job opportunities and educational benefits. However, the Board does not grant relief for the purpose of gaining employment or enhancing employment opportunities. Furthermore, eligibility for veteran's benefits to include educational benefits under the Post-9/11 or Montgomery GI Bill does not fall within the purview of the Army Discharge Review Board. Accordingly, the applicant should contact a local office of the Department of Veterans Affairs for further assistance. The under other than honorable conditions discharge received by the applicant was normal and appropriate under the regulatory guidance. His record documents no acts of significant achievement or valor and did not support the issuance of an honorable or a general discharge by the separation authority and it does not support an upgrade to an honorable or a general discharge at this late

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