Homework Assignment 2: Scientific Thinking And Research Methods

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Homework Assignment #1 Chapter 1 & 2: Scientific Thinking and Research Methods American’s obsession with the “science” of miracle pills, and weight loss remedies have been getting out of control, with new products being introduced to the market on a regular basis (“Weight Loss Remedies”, 2013). This partly has to do with the increasing rate of obesisty in American adults; however, that is not the only reason for the spike in popularity of these “easy” ways to loose weight (“Weight Loss Remedies”, 2013). Social media has an enormous impact on what we perceive as the standards in societal appearance and norms. Due to the fact that most people are easily misguided and believe ideas that seem to be scientific are causing people to try these remedies with open-mindedness, in order to find a shortcut to losing weight (Lilienfeld et al., 2015). One of these, so-called, weight-loss treatments…show more content…
Thus would rather ingest the product than lose weight naturally by exercise and dieting. The most probable reason they would believe this, especially Dr. Oz fans, is due to Dr. Oz’s endorsement of the product. This is a clear-cut case of the “appeal to authority fallacy” (Lilienfeld et al., 2015). This fallacy says that people are more likely to accept a claim due to the fact that a person in a position of authority/dominance says it is true (Lilienfeld et al., 2015). Another reason why people without a skeptical eye will believe this claim is simply due to the fact that there was a scientific study completed that shows the affects of the green coffee bean were as advertised. However, we must consider the many aspects of this experiment before jumping to conclusions such as: the sample size, peer-revision, and the methods used to achieve the results (Gavura, 2012). We will now look at how this claim violates many of the key warning signs of

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