Hla Hoop Benefits

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Hula Hoop is an exercise which is as good as any other exercise and at the same time is quite a fun. Through Hula Hoop, around 30 different muscles of your body are worked on, mainly in the region of abdomen, bums, arms, waist, and legs. Like all other exercises, the motive behind Hula Hoop exercises is to reduce fats in these parts of your body. At the same time, these exercises are also helpful in enhancing flexibility and balance in your body. It is also fantastic for improving hand to eye coordination. The best part of these exercises is, they can be done anytime, anywhere. These are amongst the best energy provider exercises. Our body is benefitted from them in a number of ways. Let us explore one by one. Strengthening Of Abdominal Muscles…show more content…
While going through the tense hula hoop workouts, your mind is engaged and takes you away from all other things. After the hula hoop, you feel very fresh and relaxed. It takes you to a happy mood. So, you get an additional psychological benefit of happy mood. Important However, to get all the above-mentioned benefits out of hula hooping, you need to make it a regular part of daily routine workouts. Doing it off and on, will not give the expected results. Therefore you need to do it in an efficient way with various combinations. Types Of Hula Hoop Hula hoops are available in different sizes and of different weights. Best hula hoop for you, when it comes to size, is the one, when placed upright on the ground, should be up to your waist height. It also comes in different weights; try with heavier weights to start with, as these are easier to control. Then after gaining some experience in hula hooping, reduce the weight gradually. Tips Start with a minimum of 10 minutes of continuous hula hooping in one session, gradually increase time duration, as you get used to it. Hula Hooping is all about rhythm, so to get a rhythm in your hula hooping, try it with some rhythmic music of your

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