Comparing Baum's Book With The Movie

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Comparison of Baum’s Book with the Movie Robinson Yen Dr. Jason Friedman MODERN US HISTORY Oct 9 , 2014 It is hard to say that which is better, novels or movies, and it is common that sometimes movies are more famous than the movies. Of course few movies adaptations are same to the original books. The problem, though, with the Wizard of Oz, is that it does not follow the book at all; however, it is understandable. As a matter of fact, the names and general idea is about all the directors did use from Baum's book. (Jessie, 2014) Both the movie and the book of the Wizard of Oz mainly tell a story about a girl named Dorothy who lives with her aunt and uncle on a gray and dull farm in Kansas. In order to protect her dog called Toto from being led away, she decides to save her own dog to go to another place. Unfortunately, one day a cyclone appears and carries the farmhouse away with Dorothy and Toto inside it. (Hyaroo, 2011) Finally, they come to a strange land called Emerald City. While travelling to the Emerald City, they get a great deal of help from the friendly inhabitants while they also get through countless difficulties. Besides the similar theme, there are also other some differences between The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the Book and The Wizard…show more content…
In the books, she is a brave and strong girl; whenever they have difficulties, she tries her best to help others. When she has lost her shoe, she is so angry that she throws water on the Witch. However, in the end, she helps the witch to clean up the a mess. She is indeed a kind and polite girl in the tale written by Lyman Frank Baum. On the contrary, in the wizard of Oz movie, Dorothy is totally different. In the movie, she often acts like a helpless girl who is always crying and relying on others. For some audiences who have already read the book, they really do not like this kind of adaption. They prefer to watch the calm girl in the

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