Here By Alessia Rhetorical Analysis

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Antisocialness Most songs about parties claim it is fun to get crazy and drunk. There are not many songs about not wanting to be at parties. One of the very few songs there are about this genre of not getting crazy at parties, the song is Here by Alessia Cara. The song is about being anti-social at unruly parties.Three points that prove the singer Alessia Cara was antisocial at an unruly party are, the lyrics, the video, and the props that were used in the video. To start off, these are some of the lyrics that prove the song is about being antisocial at the unlawful party. Alessia includes these lyrics, “I don't dance, don't ask, I don't need a boyfriend, so you can go back, please enjoy your party” (Cara). She does not want to dance and…show more content…
Alessia includes the words “in the corner” to emphasize the fact that she would rather be away from all the people smoking. While all the people are creating clouds of marijuana she will be aside from all that in her own space. Another example…show more content…
Not only does the lighting show the negativity she feels but it also emphasizes the anti-socialness. Since darkness is used to express fear and the bad side of situations, The last thing a person wants to do is be there, for the most part. Another representation of Cara being antisocial that was very interesting was that everyone around her is frozen while she sings and walks around. Since being antisocial is about not wanting the company of others, the video portrays this by everyone around her being frozen which brings the focus just to her. Since everyone around is frozen it is as if they were not there and that is also exhibiting the antisocialness feeling that is in the room. Another way antisocialness it portrayed in the video is by Cara being nonchalant as she walks and sings. Even though the people around her are frozen, they are still there. While she sings, Cara seems to be nonchalant because she would rather be somewhere else and does not show any enthusiasm or emotion, other than being sluggish, while being at the party. She also has a closed posture as if she were trying to protect herself from the people around her while they are

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