Heaney Vs Beowulf

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Beowulf is an old, epic tale that was passed through Anglo-Saxon culture. This version is a translation by Seamus Heaney. The poem tells a tale about how Beowulf journeys from Sweden to help King Hrothgar defeat a monster they call Grendel. After Grendel is defeated, his mother begins to terrorize the village. Beowulf must then slay her as well. After the deed is done, Hrothgar gives Beowulf his kingdom, his wife and his riches. Years pass, then Beowulf is called upon once more to show his courage and bravery. He must slay a dragon. Anglo-Saxon values reflect the poem Beowulf in many ways. Anglo-Saxons lived very honest lives. They believed in loyalty and bravery. Beowulf portrayed and epic hero in many ways. He was extremely brave, he showed…show more content…
For instance, when he tore Grendel's arm from his body. “He twisted in pain, and the sinews deep in his shoulder snapped , muscle and bone split.”(Raffel:24) Beowulf battled Grendel with no fear, yet he knew all other men had failed at defeating him. Another good example of his bravery is how Beowulf came to Herot to defeat Grendel, although he knew most people had been unsuccessful. Beowulf has many more attributes as well. As the story continues, it is easy to see that Beowulf is more than just brave. As he is about to face a dragon, he informs his men that he will be going alone to insure none of them get injured. He tells them, “Men at arms, remain here on the barrow, safe in your armour, to see which one of us is better in the end at bearing wounds.”(Raffel:32) This shows that Beowulf is a great leader in battle. The fact that he could face a dragon and tear an arm from a demon shows that he must have superhuman qualities. But when he travels to a deep, swamp like lake to face Grendels mother is where it really shows. He swam for a while to reach the bottom of this lake. “For hours he sank the waves.”(Raffel:26) No normal man could hold their breath for as long as he

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