Headache Speech

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Headache is the most common ailments in the human race. It is actually not a disease itself, rather it can be an indication of many underlying problems. The headache can be of many types, and can range from mild to severe in nature. There are many reasons causing headache, and out of these reasons, stress and tension are the most common one. If you want to get to know that how to get rid of a headache, you need to know the reason that causing it very well. Medication Medication is the main line of action that is being used by most of people to control and treat the headache. •Over the counter painkillers are most commonly used in this regards. Most of these painkillers are not strong enough to cause immediate headache relief, rather…show more content…
Spend some time in quiet and darker place Many tensions and stress related headache condition can be prevented or cured by sitting some time in a quiet and darker place. You can relax your body by lying down in bed for like half an hour in such place. It will help your muscles and nerves to relax. Besides dark and quiet place, your bed or couch must be comfortable, and temperature must be normal. All you need is to concentrate more on your breathing than anything else. Massage Massage is another effective answer to how to get rid of a headache question. You can request or do it yourself to your neck, earlobes, and scalp. This light massage is quite helpful in getting riding of a headache. Other psychological practices In most of the cases, headache is due to any stress. In order to deviate yourself away from that stressful condition, you can go for several practices like deep breathing, prayer, visualization, calming down yourself by listening to the binaural beats, etc. Eating almonds Almonds are proving quite effective in headache cure and prevention. Almonds have some kind of painkiller chemicals that help in reducing the symptoms of the
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