Why Is Milo Of Kroton So Important In Ancient Greek History

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The Ancient Greek Olympics were home of many fantastic athletes, from numerous different city-states. One of the most legendary athletes was Milo of Kroton, a six time Olympic victor. Milo won his first title in a boys’ wrestling contest and returned eight years later to win five consecutive wrestling titles. Milo was a prime example of a Greek Olympian, not only a great athlete but he also excelled in warfare and defending his town (“Athlete Stories” para 3). The Olympic games were used both as both a political tool, and a spiritual sacrifice to the gods. Without them, Greece would be in a state of chaos and distress. Therefore, the Olympics are of major importance to history because of their immense impact to the culture and political makeup of Ancient Greece.…show more content…
The Greek city-states fought internally quite a bit, and were far from unified which resulted in a great deal of issues in regards to trading necessary items. Although they were involved in constant conflict they halted and took time to trade, mainly just for survival purposes. This all was changed when the Olympics were created, although there was still fighting it lessened greatly and Greece as a whole was brought together for one event every four years. This created peace, during battles fighting would cease for seven days prior to the ceremonies and seven days following. Although there was no real rule regarding fighting during the ceremonies, it was frowned upon and considered disrespectful to the Gods. Therefore all of the citizens abided to the unspoken rule of a cease in violence once every four years to come together and celebrate (“Origin and History of the Olympic Games para. 4). The Olympics helped to diminish violence and establish peace, they gave Greece the unified feel that it was previously

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