Hamlet Act 4 Scene 5 Essay

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Act 4, scene 5 is a very interesting and meaningful part of the play ‘’Hamlet’’ by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare shows a scary and harsh situation that is faced by many people throughout their lives. Shakespeare wants to give a meaningful lesson to the audience by this scene of disaster. The conclusion illustrated through this incident speaks of how the weak have been used by the powerful for their personal gains and for the purpose of remaining in power since the start of time. This specific scene also goes in depth of the consequences that pertain to following blind norms. The main character of this scene is Ophelia. The scene paints a perfect picture of how Ophellia was sabotaged into a life of suffering, abuse and agony. Ophelia belongs to a patriarchy family in which…show more content…
She doesn’t lived her life by her own decisions and choices. She have to sacrifice her wishes and dreams for the sake of the respect for her father and brother. Maybe she didn’t have enough will to dream about her own self because she was just limited to her home. She felt comfortable living like a slave in her house without realizing the result of such a life cycle. She didn’t have any intentions of breaking her family law or even to give them new directions of evolution. On the other hand Shakespeare shows the life of the character “Gertrude” who makes her own verdict about her future and life. The most interesting face of this scene is her deep love for Hamlet. Shakespeare familiarizes the audience upon the happenings when such a limited self-controlled women makes her first verdict. The act portrays Ophelia’s lack of experience revolving her social life and relationships and hence she was manipulated and considered Hamlet a sincere lover who had great respect for her family. Shakespeare later shows how powerful people use the weak ones for their personal gain and also the mental conditions of weak people suffer when they pass through those

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