Hallucinations Represented In The Movie Schizopheria

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One of the disorders portrayed in the movie was schizopheria. Schizopheria is a psychotic disorder. A psychotic disorder is usually defined in 5 major symptoms. According to the DSM-V, a psychotic disorder includes symtoms such as delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, abnormal motor behavior, and negative symtoms. A delusion is a unrealistic belief that one has, despite lack of evidence. There are many different types of delusions. They are brokendown into 2 categories, bizzare delusions and typical delusioins. Bizzare delusions are extreme beliefs that are impossible and come off completely irrational. For example, a person may claim an alien is controlling their every action. Clearly this belief is impossible and completely irrational, yet this belief very real to the individual. There are quite a few bizzare delusions. Delusion of control is when an individual believes a creature, higher being, etc., is controlling their actions, like in the previous example. Thought insertion is when an individaual believes a…show more content…
Hallucinations are experienced through the senses. They are sensations or perceptions one would experience “without an external stimuli.” There are five different types of hallucinations. Auditory halluncinations are experienced when an indidvual hears sounds without an external stumlus. “Auditory halluncinations are usually experienced as voices.” Auditory halluncinations are very common in schzophrenia and can calm or disturb the individual experiencing them. There are also visual halluncinations. Visual hallucination are experienced when an individual sees something that really isn’t there. For example, a person may be talking to themselves but claim they are talking to a person that they see. Olfactory hallucinations involve smell, tactile involves touch, and gustatory involves taste. These three halluncinations arent as common in sczophrenia as visual or auditory

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