Gss Lancer Case Study

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Shuttles were buzzing all around the GSS Lancer and between Conner and Norton trying to take credit for the fighter group escorts of high ranking dignitaries of The Corporation, the one name that was everyone’s tongue was Chief Shine. Of course that didn’t go over well with the Capitan and his First Officer. The two of them took great efforts to change people misconceptions. At every turn they did all they could to minimize the accomplishment that had brought Chief Shine to the attention of the top of The Corporation. They spoke strongly that they had a plan in place that would’ve taken care of all the overlooked upgrades by removing the person who incompetence had cause the misunderstanding. Before the information had reached the two of them, Chief Shine saw this as his opportunity to promote himself and done so without getting the approval from him as his Captain or the First Officer of the GSS Lancer.…show more content…
Azania Kane, Head of Servant Services of the GSS Lancer, and Ms. Tatiana Ancon, Head of Maid Services of the GSS Lancer and they are accompanied by Chief Nathan Alanson Shine. Command Officer Shine is Chief Engineer of the GSS Lancer, Master Level Certified Ship Engineer, Attack Team Commandant, Security Officer Commandant, Fighter Squadron Commandant, Medical Officer Commandant, Ships Life Safety Commandant, Tactical Combat Commander, and Combat Commando Team Leader. Chief Nathan Alanson Shine is the recipient of the Jaden Award, the top award of The Corporation. Nathan Alanson Shine was listed as legally betrothed to Mistress Annear Jaden in The Corporation’s Galactic Territories Registry ten years ago. I have the honor to announce for the first time to all 12 Galactic Territories of The Corporation, I give you Nathan Alanson Shine, The Legendary Skiver

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