Good And Evil In Sodapop Curtis's The Outsiders

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“I’ve learned a lot about good and evil. They are not always what they appear to be.” ~Charles Van Doren. Sodapop Curtis has done a lot of bad things in his life, as well as the good things. In the end, As many of the bad things that Soda does, the good tips the scale just by an ounce. Throughout Soda’s life, he hasn’t necessarily been a saint, but he has done some good things. Even though Ponyboy is three years younger, Soda doesn’t treat him like a brother, but as a friend. When Darry accuses Ponyboy of being at fault for getting jumped, Soda jumps to Ponyboy’s side and defends him. “Soda was glaring at him. ‘Leave my kid brother alone, you hear? It ain’t his fault he likes to go to the movies, and it ain’t his fault the socs like to jump…show more content…
Soda tells him its because he wasn’t smart, but Ponyboy tries to make Soda believe that he could have gone somewhere in his life, and done something besides rob stores and be a greaser. Soda confides in him, that he needed to be able to support the family by getting a job and earning a living. “How come you dropped out?’ I never have gotten over that. I could hardly stand it when he left school. ‘Cause I’m dumb. The only things I was passing were auto mechanics and gym,” (17). Soda’s choice in dropping out could be interpreted as good or bad. Ponyboy believes it was bad, that is was going to define the rest of his life as a no-good, stealing greaser. Soda believes that he was helping his family, and that eventually, he would be able to have a happy family and get a good enough job to succeed. I think that Soda’s reasoning, to help his family after their parents died, trumps the bad. The bad things that Soda does are certainly more visible from the outside. But from within, it is evident that things are not so simple. Ponyboy has just gotten back from being on the run with Johnny. He is weak and not in good condition to fight. Darry is hesitant to allow him to participate, scared that Ponyboy will be beaten badly or even killed. Ponyboy wants to prove himself, fight the Socs, for Johnny, Dally and the whole…show more content…
He used his paycheck, which is valuable money, to help Ponyboy. Although, despite his love the for Ponyboy, he cracks under the pressure when Ponyboy comes home. Darry argues with Soda about his grades, and Soda reveals that he is sick and tired of all of the fighting. He wants Ponyboy to look at the big picture, and Darry to try to understand the things that can’t be seen. “I mean, I can’t take sides. It’d be much easier if I could. Darry yells too much and tries too hard to take everything serious, and Ponyboy, you don’t think enough, you don’t realize all Darry’s giving up just to give you a chance he missed out on. He could of just stuck you in a home and worked his way through college… And Darry, you ought to try to understand him more, and quit bugging him about every mistake he makes. He feels differently than you.” (152) Soda wants the best for his family. He is the only Curtis brother that really understands their situation. He wants Darry and Ponyboy to realize that is they do not have each other, they do not have anyone. Soda takes the biggest burden of the family. He is like the referee for Darry and Ponyboy. He doesn’t want the family to fall apart, like Johnny’s

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