Gone Girl Vs Nightcrawler Essay

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The similarity between the movie “Gone Girl” directed by David Fincher and “Nightcrawler” directed by Dan Gilroy is both movie have antagonists built with such complexity that require the audience to develop sophisticated criticism. Recent mass media is currently making movies with such extreme characters, especially the antagonist. Movie makers push the evil inside the antagonist to the climax, breaking the line between morality and sociality in order to create more innovative characters to keep up with peers expectations. Requiring more challenging acting, but the negative characters are usually more memorable. The scarful antagonist has no honorable manhood, has no sense of morality, but are there any reasons behind the acts? In “Gone Girl”,…show more content…
We scared of Amy, scared of the unbelievable hatress she puts on Nick, what will happen if Nick is one of us? However, we are too afraid that we sometimes forget to look at her motive, why Amy Dunn is acting like a hateful maniac. Amy is a scarful product of paternalism, she was mistreated, ignored and eventually forgotten by her own husband before, hence the raving crime she caused later on is just her defense, but unfortunately in the form of attacking and hurting others. Fincher wants the audience to form that type of sophisticated criticism, to see that a good antagonist is more than a villain who puts up a good crime, but whom also has a sad story behind all the maniacal actions and entertaining at the same time. In “Nightcrawler”, directed by Dan Gilroy, the whole storyline centers all around the antagonist, Lou Bloom, a former thief who starts shooting footage of accidents and crimes in Los Angeles, selling the content to local news channel as a stringer. The domination of the antagonist in the movie requires the audience to have strong mentality to be able to clearly understand the fact that the movie centres around one main character does

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